Contour Cameras have a new Australian Distributor

MEECO Sales relinquishes Australian Contour distribution after 4 years and“ Moto National Accessories is appointed as the NEW Sole Australian distributor for the Australian market.
Moto National Accessories has been appointed as the Sole Australian distributor for the innovative and exciting range of CONTOUR cameras and accessories. Moto National is a 100% Australian owned company which specializes in the sales, marketing, importation and distribution of numerous international and domestic brands, and is pleased to be appointed the Contour distributor for Australia.
Moto National has been working with MEECO for some time to assist in the handover, and we are very happy to be involved with such a great brand as Contour, and also excited that the latest ROAM 3 model will be launched very soon (August), which will create even more excitement for Contour, Moto National and all the current and future Contour dealers and customers.
Moto National has agreed to purchase MEECO'™s Contour inventory, and to take over the current Contour Australian 1800 number, and MEECO has agreed to assist Moto National with all product, service and warranty training, to help make the transition as seamless as possible for all the Australian Contour dealers as well as consumers.
If you have any queries regarding the change, feel free to contact Moto National on the same 1800 722 041 number or via email, and we would be glad to help.
We look forward to continuing and strengthening the great sales and support of the Contour brand here in Australia, as Meeco has done for so many years.
Regarding stock requirements or warranty issues please feel free to contact Moto National via email or phone. 
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